Definition Of Quitting Smoking That Matters – FOR LIFE!

A Massively Practical & Step-By-Step Quit Smoking Program That Will Get you To Quit For Life. Transform Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Happiness, And Your Life.

Are You Dumbfounded By Why It's So Hard For YOU To Quit?...

Not anymore!

The "Quit Smoking For Life" Program knows exactly why!

Having No Plan

"Failure to plan is planning on failure"

No step-by-step method

"What do you do when cravings/withdrawal hit?"

A Divided Mind

"My Conscious wants to quit but my unconscious just keeps gnawing at me till I light up!"

No Will Power

Why do I keep giving in and smoking? I want to quit! But I just can't do it! Arggg!

If any of the above is true for you than this program is for you. I have packed this program with every single tool you could possible need to quit smoking, no matter what gets in your way. I have left no stone unturned. I have given you everything.

Over 10,000 have quit for life using this program!

Do you feel stuck and unable to stay quit? Do you worry about what your smoking is doing to your health? Do you want to live longer to spend more time with your family? Are you tired of smelling like cigarette smoke? Is it just plain old time to quit? If thats you don't waste another minute of your life.

Act right now, you can quit for life, join the movement!

If Your Stuck You Need This...


Take that hard earned cash that you invest into your dirty habit of smoking and invest it in yourself! Why spend money on something that robs you of your health, your life and your wealth. That's right it robs your wealth. I have priced this quit smoking program so that it pays for it self in 3 to 6 months depending on how much you smoke.

Here's how it works...

The Course is divide into 3 primary courses and 17 sub courses.

The 3 primary courses are required as they cover the 3 elementary truths about why it is so hard for any human to quit. The 17 sub courses are the 17 different withdrawal and cravings that cause people to fail at quitting. You see there are 4 that primary reason for failure that our universal but people are different and each person also has their own unique way they react to quitting smoking. So the 17 sub courses cover the complete set of reasons someone may fail at quitting. But unlike the first four they are not universal. So you only need to take the 3 universal courses and a subset of the 17. That means of the 17 types of withdrawal/cravings that get your way of quitting most people only experience three or four of them. Why take all of them. We make them all available to you but you only need to take the ones you need.

Let's think about that hmmmm... why do I make all of them available to you? Well because the truth is even you do not know which ones you will get. You see every time you quit smoking it is brand new to your brain and body. The withdrawal or cravings you get this time may in fact be different than the last time you quit. So to make sure you quit smoking and you stay quit I have to give you everything and allow you to be able to adjust inside your quit smoking program in case you discover something different when you quit this time.

Let's Cover Everything Briefly:


*if you have not taken these yet no worries they are included for free.

How To Prepare Your Mind To Quit For Life

The 6 Step Method To Freedom From Smoking

#2 Then You Take These Three Courses


*These 3 courses are mandatory to complete the "Quit Smoking For Life Program"

Training that works!

Understanding why your mind works against you.

In this course we go deep into the neuroscience as to exactly how your mind works and why it works against you when you try and quit. This course alone likley will get you to quit smoking for life. Knowledge is power and once you understand the nature of your own mind than change becomes possible.

Training that works!

The #1 Quit Smoking Myth That Keeps You Stuck.

In this course we will blow up the #1 myth that keeps you stuck. You see there is a #1 myth that almost everyone believes about smoking that is 100% false. Believing in this myth forces your mind to put you in a victim mentality and makes quitting almost impossible. We will go through all the science so that you are no longer chained down by something that you did not even know was holding you back, keeping you down and robbing you of your ability to quit smoking.

Training that works!

How To Stay Motivated and Hack Your Will Power To Stay Quit.

In this course I will walk you through how Will Power actually works. How you take that knowledge and harness you will power so you can stay quit. I will show you how to pivot your will power into iron clad motivation that will power you through anything that gets in your way of staying quit. To truly maximize will power and harness your natural motivation requires that you understand the science of will power and how it effects your motiviation.

#3 You Take Supplemental Courses

*You only take the courses for the symptoms you actually get.


*Note the Withdrawal course has 7 mini courses inside it. There are 11 below but one has 7 courses inside of it. For a total of 17 course covering everything that may come up when you quit.

Training that works!

Understanding The 7 Withdrawal Symptoms & How To Beat Them.

In this course we go into the 7 different withdrawal symptoms that keep you stuck and give you practical step-by-step tools to get past them. They are Diarrhea, Constipation, Smokers Flu, Sore mouth and gums, Coughing and Phlegm, Headaches, and Fatigue. We explain the science behind each one so you understand why it happens and from that same science we walk you though how to get past it so you stay quit.

Training that works!

How To Never Crave Cigarettes' again.

Ending cigarette cravings is one of the most understood things about quitting and one of the main reasons why it is so hard to stay quit. We will explain to you the neuro-biochemistry as to what is actually happening when you crave and give you 4 sure fire methods to end cravings on either on the spot through a powerful method called bi-lateral stimulation or a more gentle approach of how to turn the intensity of a craving down. These powerful methods are easy to learn and easy to do.

Training that works!

How To Not Only Not Gain Weight When You Quit But How To Actually Lose Weight.

I will teach you the four reasons why you gain weight when you quit smoking and ten action items you can do to make sure you not only keep the weight off but you lose weight when you quit smoking. This is a real fear for many smokers when they quit. Some of us would actually rather smoke than quit and gain weight. I am going to show you very simple and easy ways to keep that bulge at bay now that you have decided to take this course and quit smoking for life.

Training that works!

How To Not Let Stress Get In The Way Of Quitting Smoking.

Stress is one of the number one thing that cause people to fail at quitting smoking. You quit then something stressful happens, you cannot deal with it, so you reach for a cigarette! sound familiar? I will walk you through all the science of stress and smoking. We will use that same science to give you tools that you can use to get past the stress and stay quit. Now you use cigarettes as that tool to deal with stress, well we are going to change that and give you new tools that will actually keep you quit.

Training that works!

The Anxiety Game Changer, Anxiety Will Not Stop You From Quitting Now.

We will explain why combing stress and anxiety is a huge mistake when you quit. You see they are two totally separate things. When we conflate the two it gets in our way of quitting. Yes, stress can bring on anxiety but that does not mean they are the same thing, in fact they are very different and how we deal with them requires very different techniques. You see stress is external to us. It is something that happens to us. Anxiety is internal to us; it is something we do to ourselves. So, our solutions have to reflect this fact.

Training that works!

How To Beat The Constant Thoughts Of Cigarettes When You Quit. (OCD)

There is a connection between the constant thoughts of cigarettes when you quit and mild OCD. Now if you already have OCD then quitting can really make quitting hard. I will de-mystify what is actually happening in your brain when you quit and get the constant thoughts so that we can put in place practical day-to-day strategies what ill ensure that we can turn down and turn off your constant thoughts. If when you quit if your mind cannot stop thinking about where the next cigarette is than this course is a must have for you. It will put an end to what is getting in the way of your quit.

Training that works!

Depression Getting In Your Way Of Quitting? Not Anymore!

Almost everyone gets a form of mild to severe depression when they quit smoking. There are several really good scientific reasons for this. The problem is almost no one bothers to take into consideration what happens in your brain biochemically when you quit. When I teach you what happens to your brains biochemistry you will be amazed at how simple it can be to beat the quit smoking blues. There is power in knowledge and understanding your brain when you quit allows me to give you powerful tools to combat the depression so that you stay quit.

Training that works!

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep To Stay Quit.

When I quit the insomnia was terrible, I have lived this one and it took alot of research, study and work to figure out how to beat insomnia to stay quit for me personally. It was really tough on me. The good news is I got used several methods to get a good night's sleep, so I didn't use it as a reason to smoke again. I learned the getting a good night's sleep is a universal way to deal with almost all withdrawal symptoms. Once I conquered sleep it had a massive ripple effect over my other withdrawal symptoms like depression and anger. Conquer this one and you will conquer all of them.

Training that works!

Dealing With Anger When You Quit and How To Not Let It Get In The Way

Anger when you quit is very real for many people who quit smoking and it is true for many men who quit smoking. The good news is science knows exactly why people get anger when they quit smoking and science knows exactly what to do about it. One of the things I will teach is that it's not all anger that quitting effects but according to science it is a particular kind of anger. The kind you feel when someone teases you or pokes at you. If you think back to past quit attempts, you realize OMG yes it felt like everyone was out to annoy me. Well guess what, there are good reasons you feel that way and I will teach you how to not let it affect you and stop you from quitting.

Training that works!

How To Get Past Brain Fog To Stay Quit For Life

Brain Fog can feel debilitating for people when they quit smoking. It can make normal everyday things extremely hard to do. Some people work themselves into a situation where they feel they have to smoke, or they will lose their job if they quit because the brain fog will impede their work performance. This is a diabolical trap that is very real. Why? because brain fog is not imaginary, it is REAL! I will teach you all the science behind why some people more than others are affected by brain fog when they quit and I will teach you four proven scientific ways to minimize brain fog so you can keep your job, perform at a very high level so that you can stay quit and not feel like it is disturbing your work or personal life.

Training that works!

Quit Smoking And Have An Amazing Social Life At The Same Time. Yes, It Is More Than Possible!

For many people quitting smoking means hiding in their rooms or homes until they have some level of confidence that they can go out without being tempted. You become a shut in, all in the name of quitting smoking. Many people when they quit smoking have an association between smoking and family, friends and having a good time. Quitting for many means giving up having a life. The truth is there are many easy things that I will teach you to make sure that you not only go out but you go out more. I will teach you how staying away from your triggers is the problem not the solution. All you need to do is learn these tips, tricks and hacks and having a social life and quitting smoking is as easy as 1-2-3.

Let’s break it all down, here is everything you get to make sure you quit for life!....

That's well over 16 Online Courses Valued At... $6,290

But That Is Not What You Will Pay Today!!!

But That's Not All...

I Will Throw In 4 Powerful Hypnosis Recordings For FREE!

Quit Smoking For Life Hypnosis

This powerful hypnosis session will help by lowering your desire to smoke and help by getting your unconscious mind aligned with your conscious minds desire to quit smoking for life. This helps with making sure both parts of your mind are working together to keep you smoke free.

Quit Smoking For Life Hypnosis

Feeling like you need a little extra motivation to stay quit? This Hypnosis session is short and powerful. Its 15 minutes and can be listen to in your car before going somewhere that you are worried you might give in. This is a shot in the arm just when you need it, to makes sure you stay quit.

Quit Smoking For Life Hypnosis

Trouble sleeping? Pair this with the online insomnia course above and you will get immediate results! This will stop your mind from racing, slow you down and send you off to soft and sweet dreams. The power of hypnosis to not only put people to sleep but keep you asleep has been well understood by science for decades.

Quit Smoking For Life Hypnosis

The power of a power nap is well understood. Especially as you age power naps become more and more important for a healthy and functioning brain. This hypnosis session will ensure your power nap is exactly that POWERFUL! Just lie down, turn it on and tune out. You will float off and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.


Don't Take My Word For It! Listen To The Over 10,000 People Who Have Quit For Life Using This Online Course

Kim - "I was super skeptical. I have never been more blown away by a course. I have told a million people this course is insane and that it makes quitting smoking super easy. After smoking a pack, a day for 25 years I am finally now and forever free!"

Tabitha - "WOW! WOW! WOW! and that is talking this course down. Just learning the science was enough to make me never smoke again. This course turned my world upside down. I did it 6 years ago and I have never looked back. No cravings no desire, just freedom!"

Dave - "I would wake up twice a night, get out of bed to smoke. I smoked two packs a day for 45 years. The moment I finished the course I knew I was never going to smoke again.I don't even get the urge to smoke. People can smoke all around me and I don't even care. Simply AMAZING!"

Shelly- "Smoked a pack a day for 30 years, tried it all and nothing worked. I thought what could I lose? I did not expect the ease at which I quit and stayed quit. I tell everyone about your program. Ted you are a true life safer! You save me from smoking THANK YOU!"

Megan - "I didn't even want to take this course, I didn't even believe it would work. I was a stress smoker. I smoked for 10 years. This course was an incredible experience. I never even craved a cigarette After. In the past stress would have driven me to smoke. Not anymore! I can be around people that smoke and I have zero desire."

Mori - "I smoked a pack a day for 21 years. My health started to deteriorate. I had no energy, I could not run, I could not smell very well, and my breathing was labored. Now I can run for over an hour, I work out all the time. Your course gave me back not only my health, but it gave me a life again. Your course gave me insane results, no craving, no desire, and all the tools worked so well it blew my mind"

Kelly - "After trying everything this worked! 5 years free now and I have still not touched a cigarette. I had no cravings; no withdrawal and I was shocked at how easy it was. Learning what the science actually said and taught was mind blowing for me. It changed my life".

Merek - "I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for over 20 years. I decided to try the course. The course was amazing, I now have 6 friends who have done this course, and all swear by your program. I am still amazed that the cravings are gone and how fast I go results."

Patty - "I had COPD and it was killing me. I smoked 2 packs a day for 40 years, Your program shocked not only me but my family and my doctors. I now have no desire to smoke, none. My COPD is so good now I no longer require medical help for it. I'm off all medication. Your program saved my life!"

Jackie - "I never meet a cigarette I didn't like. It was such a comfort to me. It helped me deal with all the stress in my life or at least that's what I thought. Taking your course changed everything I thought I knew about addiction, habit and smoking. The most shocking part was how easy it was to quit and stay quit. God Bless you're a miracle worker"

Nicole - "This program change my life! I was a pack a day smoker. I developed a wheezing in my chest. I took the leap, and it changed my life, I feel better, life is better, I can hike, I save money and I enjoy life so much more now that I am smoke free. If you're on the fence about doing this program just stop and jump right in, it will literally change your life forever!"

Kim - "I was super skeptical. I have never been more blown away by a course. I have told a million people this course is insane and that it makes quitting smoking super easy. After smoking a pack, a day for 25 years I am finally now and forever free!"

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